We provide tools and tips to make work a better place to be. Our approach is pragmatic, resulting in skills that can immediately be applied to the workplace.

At PIE, we believe that work should be a place where individuals have the tools they need to maximize their performance. That may come in the form of a checklist, a job aid or coaching for performance.

Call PIE today to find out how our resources can help you put all the right ingredients in your piece of the pie.

Our newest ingredients are:

Effective Speakers Program, our premier skills program, a 2 day intensive to make you a better presenter and speaker.

[download the pdf]

Hire Right: tools, tips, forms and checklists to help an entrepreneur, company, supervisor or manager make getter hiring decisions. From figuring out what skills/talents you need to hire to engaging the new employee on the job - we've got the tools for assembling quality ingredients for your organizational pie.

Instructional Skills Workshop Certificate Program, a train the trainer program designed to teach both new and experienced instructors in any field or discipline how to make their classes active, engaging, relevant, applicable, and memorable.